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Seafood dish
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Holiday cooking

Food for the freezer, delivered fresh or cooked at your place - all home cooked using the finest ingredients.
Seafood dish
Portions of 2/4 or 6 frozen in foil containers - ready to defrost and heat in the oven - just do the vegetables/salad and your meal is ready for you. An ideal way to make your holiday in Cornwall more enjoyable.

Ideas such as...
Cake N.B - Although on occasions I have meals ready from the freezer, notice is usually required to prepare them for you.

Here's a reaction from someone who didn't want to be tied to the stove: "Thank you so much for delivering the food here last Thursday, we are all enjoying it very much, and thank you so much for making our holiday a real holiday"

And here's another: What an amazing meal you gave us at Col Ros last Wednesday. "Where DID you find Jane?" they all asked. "What a wonderful meal". I am most grateful to Lucie for the connection.

Starter Not only the meal but the way you calmly moved into a kitchen you had never seen and created those fantastic dishes cooking on the spot, and the way you served it in a warm and friendly way combined with efficiency and perfection. The crab dish was the very top delicacy for Rob and for me, but that beef was so tasty and tender, and all the other dishes .....Very many thanks for making a perfect evening.
Vicky and Rob